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As promised a few times before, I have finally got back to regular walking, and have walked almost every day during the last month, including over Christmas.

The above shows my last month, with walks every day (green, red or yellow notations) and comes from a wonderful smartphone app which I’m using to help me track my walking, and which will aid me in better illustrating and mapping the walks on here for you in the future.

It’s called WalkMeter – http://www.walkmeter.com – and as well as informing me as i walk how far I am going (I have it set to whisper to me at half kilometer increments) it gives me a wealth of details and a GoogleMap afterwards.

So, the walking is back, and I aim to keep it up.

I also have plans to greatly increase the content of the site – new walks will feature maps and video clips as well as photos and descriptions.

I have two walks by bus and one by car in preperationĀ  – should be published here within the next week – and more to follow.

Thanks for your patience and continued visits furing the fallow period on this site, and I look forward to seeing more of you (and less of me in terms of bulk) in 2012.

Fat Steve


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